Do you remember those Lego bricks you used to play with and stack into miniature buildings? What if we told you that the same thing is actually happening in real life, and that flat you’re living in was built the same way?

Introducing Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (or PPVC), an industrialized construction method that first “builds” rooms in an off-site facility, and then transports to the construction site to be assembled into a building—just like Legos.

To raise construction productivity and fundamentally change the design and construction processes, the industry is encouraged to embrace the concept of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), where construction is designed and detailed for a substantial portion of work to be done off-site in a controlled manufacturing environment. DfMA is a new approach in the construction industry. By planning more works offsite, manpower and time needed to construct buildings are reduced, while ensuring work sites are safe, conducive and have minimal impact on the surrounding living environment. The use of prefabrication methods in construction has been promoted as a way to improve productivity in a traditionally manpower-intensive industry.

PPVC allow great advantages in efficiency, productivity, quality and execution times compared to traditional systems. This construction system is booming and Moldtech gives the best solution by offering its customers 3D moulds. It should be noted that Moldtech has the widest experience in the production and supply of 3D moulds.

Among the main projects for PPVC construction, the following should be distinguished:

  1. 2016, Uruguay, 3D moulds for prison cells.
  2. 2017, Singapore, 3D moulds for precast bathroom pods.
  3. 2018, Singapore, 3D moulds and turners 180º for 3D elements.
  4. 2018, Singapore, turners 180º for 3D elements.
  5. 2020, Malaysia, turner 180º for 3D elements.
  6. 2020, Saudi Arabia, 3D moulds.
  7. 2020, Hong Kong, 3D moulds for bathroom units.
  8. 2021, France, 3D moulds.
  9. 2021, Singapore, 3D moulds for PPVC.
  10. 2022, Canada, turner 180º for 3D elements.
  11. 2022, Sri Lanka, 3D mould for PPVC.
  12. 2022, USA, 3D moulds for bathroom units.
  13. 2022, USA, circulation line for finishing work of PBU.


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