Fixed mould

For the manufacturing of concrete staircases.


This product is experiencing a boom in the residential sector due to its quality, adaptability to any construction environment and economic savings.

Moldtech, in its eagerness to offer its customers the best solutions adapted to their needs, is committed to the versatility of its moulds. To this end, we continue to expand our range of moulds designed to produce prefabricated staircases.

The fixed mould section offers the customer two possibilities for the production of staircases, horizontal or vertical. In this type of mould, the dimensions of the staircase are already predefined and are all according to clients’ requirements.

These moulds offer the possibility of slightly adapting the geometry by including shutters to reduce the number of steps, modify the length of the landing, etc. Their great advantage is the short operation time and the good finish on the top and bottom face of the staircase.

Fixed mould

The staircase mould is a double or single mould that allows the manufacture of stair sections.

The opening and closing movements of the mould can be planned for mechanical handling with a crane or for fully hydraulic activation from a central unit with an electric control panel. The quick-lock system at the top of the mould is based on easy-to-use Dywidag bars. The mould can be equipped with external vibration system and heating system.

Fixed mold for stairs
Horizontal mould for staircases
Precast stairs
Fixed mold for stairs
Fixed mold for stairs
Horizontal mold for staircases
Horizontal mold for stairs
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