Equipment for double walls

For the manufacturing of twin panels or double walls.


This is an equipment specially designed for manufacturing walls with double layer of concrete and an inner hollow.

This kind of precast panels are widely used for the construction of earth-retaining walls and underground enclosures. This hollow panels are inserted with the protruding reinforcement of the foundations and then they are filled with concrete so that they conform a solid wall. This avoids the need of using formworks.

The double wall manufacturing system designed by Moldtech consists mainly of special pallets and a 180º turner.


Volteador 180º

This Turner for specially designed pallets allows lifting them and flipping them 180º to be placed on top of other pallet to produce double walls/sandwich walls.

The turn is carried out by 2 synchronized motors, activated by a remote control to turn the pallets 180º. The device is fitted with a motorized spindle to regulate the position of the central lifting hook to correctly level the pallets before lifting.

Maximum load: 12Tn

Manual locking of pallets.



Pallets with dimension 7×3,7m for sandwich/twin walls built with structural profiles and specially designed with fixing/lifting points on both end sides and legs to allow stacking them and to facilitate centering one on top of the other after turning.

These pallets can be placed on a circulation system in a future development and have a capacity to cast solid panels. The pallets can be prepared with legs to be stacked om top of each other. Before turning the pallets with the turning machine, the finished first wall is fixed in its position with steel pipes to keep them in position while turning and casting of the second wall.


Tilting station

Complete tilting station for pallets 6x3m for an easier demoulding of the sandwich/double walls. The system features a mechanical locking system and tilting by hydraulic cylinders.

The machine includes hydraulic pump unit with control board.


Vibration station

The vibration station will feature a vibration system with high frequency electric vibrators and a frequency converter for a perfect adjustment in order to get an optimum concrete quality.

The vibration system will also have a locking system with fastening clamps. A frequency converter delivers power to the vibrators and controls the frequency applied to the vibration system thus achieving a perfect control of concrete compaction and a better quality of the end product.

The frequency converter features selectors for activating different sequences of vibrators thus allowing activating vibration only in a half of the table.  The converter has a selector for each vibrator. Also features a potentiometer and a digital display of the applied frequency of vibration.


Moldtech manufactures all types of formwork systems. In this case, screwed (or welded) formworks for one of the longitudinal sides and magnetic shutterings with integrated 450kg magnets, for the other can be included as optional.

Welded formwork

Encofrado atornillado.

Magnetic shuttering

Encofrado imantado.

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