Mobile hot water boiler is a new must-have for any precast plant.

Moldtech has successfully introduced a new accessory for precast equipment. High performance hot water boilers are efficient and reliable equipment for the production of hot water or steam which serve to provide heating to precast equipment. In this case the boiler is placed inside a 40-foot marina container, which makes it easier to transport from one construction site to the other.

Considering the weather conditions and the necessity to install the precast plant in an open-air facility, the moulds are equipped with a heating system by finned pipe circuit for hot water and tarpaulin covers together with our special containerized boiler system. The mobile boiler includes 800 kW per hour water heater with 8 bars of working pressure thus providing a considerable reduction in concrete curing times.

The feed source for the boiler system can be gas or diesel. The boiler includes several safety systems that comply with European regulations. The boiler features a water treatment system to guarantee that the water is free of lime and other minerals, providing high durability of the installation. Another extra of the equipment is a dosing pump that allows a user to dose additives to the water for different treatments such as antifreeze at certain stages of the year.

The software allows the supply of hot water simultaneously to several moulds, optimizing production times.

First time the mobile boiler has been installed as a part of a mobile plant for bridge girders production in Romania in 2019. Recently the equipment has been upgraded and supplied as a part of a precast plant to Romania, Poland and Nigeria.


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