3D mould for prison cells

For the production of 3D pieces to build modular penitentiaries.


This mould for precast prison cells allows manufacturing 3D pieces to build modular penitentiaries.

The mould features a hydraulic system for helping the initial demolding of the precast piece. This system is based on a set of hydraulic cylinders in the bases of the mould to push up the concrete piece.

The outer mould sides can be easily removed using a Dywidag rod and nuts system, that allows opening the outer mould easily and removing it with a crane in a very short time. The mould is manufactured with minimum conical shape in order to allow demolding of the concrete piece.

The mould includes a working gangway. The mould can be manufactured to meet the dimensions required by the client.

The mould allows manufacturing prison cells with a great interior and exterior finish, with elements such as doors, windows and other steel elements embedded in the piece.

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