Stationary tables for floor half-slabs and solid slabs

These fixed tables are specially designed and built to manufacture half-slabs for bridge decks.


At Moldtech we are specialists in the manufacture of this type of table for the production of pre-slabs.

There are several types of preslabs:

  • Half-slabs reinforced with short spans are commonly used as permanent formwork between bridge beams, for the construction of viaducts.
  • Prestressed half-slabs with medium spans, more common in residential or industrial construction, combining them with lightening and insulating elements.

These fixed tables are specially designed and built to manufacture half-slabs for bridge decks.

These tables can be manufactured in any size required by the clients, normally with short width and large length, and are prepared to manufacture slabs of the required thicknesses.

The chassis is built with structural beams and laminated steel profiles ensuring maximum stiffness. The steel plate that will be in contact with the concrete is 8mm thick. The table has some silent-blocks with neoprene to absorb vibration minimizing its transmission to the factory foundations.

In case it is required Moldtech could offer optional pneumatic or electric vibration system for better compaction of the concrete. This table could also feature a heating system with finned pipes and tarpaulin covers.

These tables include 2 longitudinal shuttering bands with height according to customer requirements. The side bands will be fixed to the table on hinges and fastened and loosened with dywidag tie rods. It is also possible to supply adjustable height bands.

These shuttering bands can be built in smaller length modules to allow opening/closing them by two workers without any crane.

The tables will be built with the height according to the client’s needs.

In order to save installation time, the client can prepare drilling and pre-installation of the foundation plates (provided by Moldtech and delivered in advance) as according to Moldtech detailed drawings and instructions.

Moldtech can also supply all type of shuttering systems for half-slabs specially adapted for bridge decks. With interrupted connections and L-shaped ends for transversal slab positioning, thus saving in-situ formwork shutterings works on top of the bridge deck, avoiding high risks and costly works at elevated heights.

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