Self-reacting mould for TT slabs

Used for the manufacture of prestressed double ribbed slab to be casted on site


The self-reacting mould for TT slabs allows the manufacture of prestressed double-ribbed slabs that are often used as a base for cast-in-place concrete slabs and as roof elements.

When used as a base for slab casting, protruding rebar is provided on top for the compression layer, while using it as a roofing element, only the embedded reinforcement is included. This prefabricated element is frequently used in both industrial and commercial buildings.

To produce these elements the equipment includes the heads, which support the tensioning and de-tensioning operations, and the mould itself, which is capable of exerting a reaction force, normally up to 400 tonnes. A passive stressing head, whose function is to retain the tensioning strands, while at the other end is the active head, which also performs the function of removing the remaining tension of the strands, in order to proceed to cut them safely. This design simplifies installation and dismantling, making it easy to move to another production site.

Usually, the width of the TT plate is 2.4 metres, but it is also possible to supply moulds for larger sizes. In this respect, Moldtech produces variable position bands in order to be able to mould plates of different widths. As for the height of the ribs, this can be reduced with the help of supplementary bottoms, so that it is possible to mould plates with a variety of rib heights. The length of the TT plates to be manufactured is determined by stoppers which can be positioned at any point along the mould.

In addition, the mould can incorporate a vibration system, consisting of a series of vibrators which can be electric or pneumatic. This system compacts the concrete, eliminating air and increasing the resistant capacity of the product. That is why it is possible to use concrete with a lower proportion of water and speed up the curing process, with the consequent increase in productivity.

Other option to increase its productivity is the finned pipe system for hot water or steam with insulation canvas for heating. This system leads hot water or steam to accelerate the concrete hardening.

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