Moldtech is nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of 3D moulds for modular construction. Within this category the so-called PPVC (Prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction) is becoming increasingly popular because it allows “to  do more in the factory and less at the construction site”.

The client, Integrated Precast Solutions (IPS), a subsidiary of renown contractor Teambuild, is among the first and most advanced players in PPVC construction in the world. IPS has a vast experience in both public and private multistorey hous-ing projects and obtained numerous awards from construc-tion authorities in Singapore.


For this specific housing project more than 45 types of PPVC 3D modules were required. Out of this, Moldtech first made a subdivision into different groups based on the similarity of sizes and shapes. This way the whole project could be executed using only 5 different types of moulds as each type had the flexibility of making 9 different casted elements.

Likewise, some of the molds were designed with a modular longitudinal adjustment, to adapt to different types of modules, and with double cores that allowed two rooms to be manufactured in a single piece.

The sizes of the casted element go up to 10 meters length and 3,5 meters width, reaching a unit weight of almost  37 tons.

Together with the hydraulic shrinking system that allows de-moulding in a matter of minutes and the heating system that reduces curing times, these moulds allow casting up to 2 PPVC modules in 24 hours.

These moulds are designed to be flexible not only for a single project but also for future projects, allowing further adjust-ment to other sizes acquiring additional steel parts but reusing more than 60% of the mould, specially the costliest parts such as the main hydraulic systems.

The advantages of using PPVC in accordance to studies show a reduction in labor cost as productivity increases by almost 40% and also a reduction in the total project execution time by up to 30%. This technique also contributes to a reduction of pollution, noise and waste while improving safety at con-struction site.

Moldtech can provide a full set of technological solutions for modular construction, from the PPVC moulds and flexible moulds for 3D prefabricated bathroom units (PBU), to 180º adjustable turning machines and automated finishing lines for PPVC and PBU elements.

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