Moulds for 3D modular housing -PPVC

Designed for the production of modular housing units.


4-wall construction modules with floor or ceiling, with or without interior partitions and with the integration of all types of installations, for the construction of residential or public buildings. The mold incorporates a hydraulic system to help with the initial demoulding of the prefabricated part. This system is based on a set of hydraulic cylinders at the base of the mold to push the concrete piece up. The outer sides are removable using a Dywidag bar and nut system, which allows the outer mold to be easily opened and removed by crane in a very short time.

The inner mold is manufactured with minimal conicities that allow demoulding. The mold allows the units to be manufactured with a great exterior and interior finish, with elements such as doors, windows and other metallic elements that are embedded in the piece.

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