Moldtech, exclusive supplier to the most innovative and progressive civil engineering organization in Sri Lanka, has carried out the design, manufacture and installation of a 3D mould for PPVC with hydraulic system.


  • A 3D mould with different configurations, maximum dimensions of 3.24 x 6.55 x 3.11 m (W x L x H), wall thickness modifiable. It has a hydraulically retractable system in the inner core, which allows for quick demoulding without the need for conical slope.
  • Doors and shutters sets.
  • And finally, two lifting devices , with a capacity up to 35 t and 6 lifting points, for the prefabricated modules.


All this equipment will enable the customer to produce prefabricated elements for the construction of residential buildings in the country

As expected, the entire project could be executed using only this single 3D mould for PPVC, which is flexible to manufacture different configurations. In addition, its design with modular adjustment will  allows the customer to reduce investment and be able to tackle different projects with the same 3D mould.

Moldtech, the undisputed world technology leader in PPVC is driving the development of the industrialization of construction using prefabricated modules, for the construction of residential buildings, bathroom modules or even prison cells.



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