Double book mould

Designed to precast thick panels with an insulation inner layer and with specific surfaces.


The double book is a hybrid between a tilting table and vertical battery mould which allows to make insulated sandwich panels with a smooth finish at both sides.

On the tilting side of the table, we can prepare the panel in a horizontal position which gives us the opportunity, besides a smooth concrete finish, to use decorative stone or form liners without any difficulty. After casting the concrete layer we can place the insulation layer on top and make a connection between these 2 layers by using thermopins.

While this first layer is curing one can prepare the vertical part of the mould by placing its reinforcement and any kind of pre-installation of electric cables, water pipes etc…

Once the horizontally casted part of the panel reaches sufficient strength (around 9 Mpa) we can tilt it and move it against the vertical section of the mould and finally pour the vertically casted part of the panel. This vertically casted part of the panel is usually the loadbearing part of the panel. The total panel thickness can vary in accordance the insulation and loadbearing requirements of the sandwich panel.

The double book mould features a total 4 independently operated hydraulic systems to facilitate its operation. The horizontal part of the mould can incorporate a vibration system for optimum compaction of the concrete.

The mould has also so-called extenders and telescopic supports which allow to adjust the panel size in width and height.

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