3D container deposits

Designed to produce concrete tanks for the accommodation of underground containers.


It’s a mould able to produce large-sized concrete tanks used for the accommodation of underground containers of waste.

Constructively, it has a fixed inner mould with conical slope and the mould sides that make up the outer formwork. Both sets can be built in a modular way in order to allow variations in the thickness and in one of the three dimensions of the piece.

If necessary, conical slope of the inner mould can be reduced through the implementation of a hydraulic support system for the ejection of the piece. On the other hand, the sides are assembled with bolt-wedge and screw-nut joints for the entry-level specification. However, depending on the needs of productivity and reduction of costs of labor, the sides may have also a hydraulic opening system.

In addition to the basic shape, the mould can incorporate accessories to cast holes for uses such as ventilation, drainage, electrical facilities or water supply.

As additional systems to improve the productivity, the mould may include vibration and heating systems.

Finally, another one of the accessories that the mould can include is a working gangway, which allows workers to access to the top of the mould according to the occupational safety standards.

Due to the large size of the prefabricated tanks for underground containers which are usually made with this type of mould, it is possible that the outer formwork can be removed some gap of time before removing the piece. For this reason, in order to achieve a higher productivity, it is interesting having more than one inner mould per outer formwork.

Since the precast concrete tank for underground containers is molded in inverted position, once extracted it is necessary to turn it around 180 degrees. For this purpose, Moldtech can supply the necessary equipment.

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