Our client is the largest civil precast concrete manufacturer in Australia. They offer a range of solutions for bridges and platforms, road and rail infrastructure, tunnels and shafts, retaining walls, pipeline systems, water treatment, precast box culverts, and traffic management.

Moldtech has just carried out the installation and commissioning of the following equipment:

  1. MT-20 – 1 unit. MT-20 is designed for the continuous manufacture of precast concrete box culverts, non-prestressed, using dry cast method. Wall thickness 140-200-260 mm. The outside dimensions (width and length) vary from 1200 mm to 2400 mm.

MT-20 consists of an inside formwork and an outside formwork assembled on a set of bases (10 units provided). The equipment has a press holder frame, set of interchangeable presses to facilitate the compaction of the concrete during the manufacturing process.

The mould has the following services:

  • Hydraulic system for interlocking outside and inside formwork.
  • Hydraulic system for interlocking press holders and lifting of inside and outside formwork.
  • Electrical system for mould vibration during filling operations.

Using the MT-20 the client can produce up to 10 box culverts per 8-hour shift. Moreover, the equipment can be easily relocated from one construction site to another.

  1. Concrete skip – 2 m3 – 1 unit. This equipment is designed for the distribution of concrete. The machine incorporates a hydraulic central to operate the opening-closing mechanism of the gate. The concrete skip also features electric vibration system.


Marcos prefabricados
Marcos prefabricados
Marcos prefabricados
Marcos prefabricados
Marcos prefabricados
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