Concrete skip

Steel bucket that allows the concrete from the concrete mixer to the molds to be filled.


About Concrete Skip

Concrete pouring skip consists of a steel bucket that allows you to carry the concrete from the concrete mixer to the molds to be filled. The movement of the concrete skip can be carried out both by forklift or by overhead crane or similar.

The concrete skip is opened on the upper part for filling, when in the lower part it has a gate to control the pouring. As standard, this gate is operated for opening and closing by oleo-hydraulic actuators (cylinders). The pouring control system is completed with an oleo-hydraulic unit and a remote control. That hydraulic unit is powered by an electrical battery system, even though it is possible to implement other solutions under client request.

With regard to capacity, the concrete skips vary in accordance with the precaster’s needs up to 4m³, the standard being 2m³.

The concrete skips can also account with vibration to fluidize the concrete at the moment of pouring, so that facilitating this operation. Another option for pouring is to incorporate a screw conveyor, for the time it is needed to fill the molds by hose.

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Moore about Concrete Skip

Concrete pouring skips are indispensable in the construction industry due to their efficiency and versatility. These steel buckets play a crucial role in transporting concrete from the mixer to the awaiting molds, ensuring a seamless workflow on construction sites.

One key feature of these skips is their adaptability. They can be moved with ease using forklifts, overhead cranes, or similar equipment, making them suitable for various job site configurations.

The design of the concrete skip is both practical and efficient. The upper part allows for convenient filling, while the lower section boasts a gate for precise control during pouring. Oleo-hydraulic actuators (cylinders) are standard for operating the gate, complemented by an oleo-hydraulic unit and remote control, enhancing user-friendliness.

In terms of capacity, concrete skips cater to the specific needs of precasters, offering variations up to 4m³, with the industry-standard being 2m³, striking a balance between size and functionality.

Furthermore, some concrete skips feature vibration mechanisms, which come in handy during pouring, ensuring the concrete flows smoothly and consistently. Alternatively, for projects requiring precision pouring, the option to incorporate a screw conveyor exists, facilitating the filling of molds via a hose.

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