To develop construction projects for industrial, logistics and commercial buildings, parking, hospital and other buildings with particular characteristics, Moldtech has supplied 2 tilting tables to Salamanca, Mexico.

  • 2 units of tilting tables 36 m long, 3.5 m wide to precast panels up to 30 cm thick. The table structure is designed to support 750 kg/m2 of concrete. The tables have two sides, one lower and one upper, hydraulically collapsible and manually adjustable in height. These sides have a panel production system with straight or tongue-and-groove edges. The tongue-and-groove formwork system is mechanically fastened to the side. The tables are tilted by means of telescopic hydraulic cylinders, allowing a maximum tilt of 80°. Additionally, the table incorporates a hydraulic central unit and an electric control panel to control the tilting operations of the table, a pneumatic vibration system. The “mirror effect” polishing of the surface in contact with the concrete allows the customer to produce panels of extraordinary quality using any type of concrete.

The client will be able to cast up to 200 m2 of panels per day using both tables.


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