Our client from Monterrey, Mexico, stands out for the high quality of its precast concrete products, having its own registered precast brand.

Moldtech has recently supplied and successfully installed a tilting table with the following features:

  • 1 Tilting table designed to produce precast concrete panels, not prestressed. Total length of 60 meters, variable width between 3 m and 4 m and variable thickness from 100 mm to 250 mm. The table is supplied with a pneumatic vibration system and pre-installation for a heating system for hot water or steam.

The tilting of the table, adjustment of the height of the lower side and movements of the upper sides is carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders. They are activated by means of a hydraulic power station, a main control cabinet and a remote control.

This tilting table is made up of 5 modules of 11.8 m length. The union of the modules configures a production line 60 m long and 4 m wide.

These modules are made up of a fixed frame, with supports fixed to the foundation, and a tilting panel that allows a maximum inclination of 74º.

The modules feature an upper longitudinal side that has a removable upper tongue and groove profile. This upper side allows to manufacture straight panels of variable width between 3 m and 4 m. Additionally, the upper side has a system of lifting cylinders that allows horizontal movement without friction between the elements of the side and the tabletop.

The table incorporates a lower longitudinal side, adjustable in height, which allows the manufacture of panels with a thickness between 100 mm and 250 mm.

Additionally, 10 chassis units have been supplied for the magnetic shuttering systems for the manufacture of panels with a variable width.

Finally, Moldtech carried out a perfect polishing of the surface of the table in contact with the concrete. So that the customer can produce high-quality panels using any type of concrete.


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