New supply of molds for prestressed purlins, intended for the execution of covers in warehouses and industrial buildings in Romania.

Two battery moulds for prestressed joists (or straps) of 62.5 meters length and a prestressing capacity of 600 tons.

  • Each mould has 2 production lines and includes pipes for heating connection.
  • As well as an electric vibration system to facilitate the process of filling and setting the concrete.
  • In addition, both moulds have a minimum conicity, thus helping the customer with an easy demoulding process of the prefabricated pieces.
  • Both batteries for prestressed joists include a removable upper part for the production of different purlin sections,  In turn, transverse separators are included to be able to manufacture different units of the piece in the same line of work.

The quality surface of the beams is very important to the customer, which is why all the surfaces of the mould in contact with the concrete have been polished.

The installed equipment allows the client to have a daily production capacity of up to 250 linear meters, which achieves high productivity, reducing production time and costs.


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