Moldtech installs mobile mega plant in Romania for road and bridge construction.

The following equipment for road and bridge construction was supplied:

  1. 4 hydraulic bridge girder moulds, each with a length of 125 meters and adjustable height from 1 meter up to 2.4 meters and a total pre-stress force up to 1500 MT.
  2. 2 fixed self-stressing tables of 2.4 x 30 meters and with pre-tress force up to 200 Tn.for the production of half slabs
  3. 2 tilting tables of size 2.5 x 48 meters for the production of sound walls. The tables include a collapsible top shutter for easy release of the panels.
  4. 8 mechanical moulds for the production of parapets. The length of each mould is 12.5 meters and the parapet design complies with the Romanian road safety regulation.
  5. 8 mechanic moulds to produce diaphragms, with an adjustable height from 600mm up to 2200mm.
  6. MT20 dry cast box culvert machines. This dry cast machine makes it possible to produce 10 box culverts in one shift thanks to its vibro-pressing system.
  7. 2 Giraffe concrete transport and distribution vehicles with a capacity of 4m3 and which can pour directly into the different moulds including the 2.2 meters high girder mould.

Moldtech therefore designed a special containerized boiler system which design includes a 2×800 kW per hour water heater capable of delivering hot water to the casting beds which were equipped with a closed circuit of finned hot water pipes.

The supply also included other accessories such as tension jacks, strand pushing machine, hydraulic tension and de-tensioning units etc.


Pista universal pretensada
Pista universal
Molde viga puente
Molde viga puente
Molde viga puente
Viga puente
Puente en construcción
Transporte de la viga puente
Sistema de calefacción
Llenado de moldes
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