Pit foundations prestressing systems

For the manufacturing of prestressed elements.


System of heads and prestressed equipment for the manufacture of different prestressed elements that require the construction of foundation pits. The prestressing heads are elements designed to offer a reaction force to the amount of pull resulted of the tension of the strands. The system is usually comprised of an active stressing head and a passive stressing head. The passive stressing head is a kind of buttress consisting of a steel structure anchored to the concrete foundation pit. It includes a matrix of drill holes to thread the strands according to the precast element to be casted.

The active stressing head has the same steel structure and incorporates a set of hydraulic cylinders to push the movable mask with the same matrix of drill holes. These cylinders allow the remaining tension of the strands to be dissipated when the concrete has hardened enough. After this, it is possible to cut the strands safely. The prestressing heads are designed according to the maximum amount of tension required to be resisted.

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