Moldtech has developed, manufactured and installed a new precast plant for the production of power substations, for a company in Casablanca, Morocco.

This project has been developed according to a prefabrication system developed in France, using precast concrete panels.

The working system has been “turn-key” type, and both, Moldtech and the client, have worked together in the engineering development of a highly technical and detailed project, designed specifically for the production of precast panels and elements, as well as the assembly system of these elements in special tables and equipment, designed for that purpose.

The project consists of two tilting tables for the production of longitudinal panels, two more for the production of lateral panels, one table for the production of the roof slab, and a book type table for the production of the equipment slab on which the electrical components are installed (transformers, disconnectors, etc.).

To this equipment we must add the “assembly table” where the complete prefabricated unit is assembled, which then goes to the electrical installation sector and painting sector.

This new experience of Moldtech in the field of “singular prefabrication projects” has been possible thanks to the excellent collaboration between the teams of Moldtech and the customers engineers, on the one hand; and on the other, the solid experience of Moldtech in the development of industrial prefabrication systems, where the understanding of the object to be prefabricated and the production system are essential at the time of designing the “modus operandi” of the industrial plant and the equipment to be supplied.


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