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Precast concrete factory: Best Equipment manufacturer

Moldtech is a manufacturer of equipment for a precast concrete factory focused on offering a wide range of equipment solutions for the construction of residential, civil and industrial works, which have revolutionized the precast industry. 

We know that nowadays in large scale constructions time becomes a very precious resource, so being able to count on a first class precast concrete factory that can perform completions in record time is essential. 

At Moldtech, we have earned a place as a benchmark in the industry by continuously innovating and delivering solutions that drive construction efficiency. Every project benefits from our experience and dedication, making our company the ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality equipment in the precast industry. 

Among our products we can mention: 

  • 3D Molds for rooms in residential buildings. 
  • Tilting  tables. 
  • Battery molds for panels. 
  • Molds for prestressed girders . 

They have proven to be fundamental elements thanks to their effectiveness in the construction of high quality and efficient delivery times. Here we tell you a little about these solutions and their uses in the industry. 

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Customized Solutions for the U.S. Market

At Moldtech, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the U.S. construction industry. Our commitment to delivering customized equipment solutions speaks to our flexibility and readiness to meet the specific needs of American construction projects. Whether it’s residential buildings, civil infrastructure, or industrial complexes, our equipment is designed to elevate efficiency and quality, aligning with the demanding pace and standards of the U.S. market.

Choose Moldtech for Your Precast Concrete Factory Needs

For construction professionals in the United States seeking to leverage the benefits of precast concrete, Moldtech is your ideal partner. Our extensive experience, coupled with a deep commitment to innovation and quality, guarantees that your projects will not only meet but exceed expectations. Embrace the future of construction with Moldtech’s state-of-the-art precast concrete factory equipment. Let’s build excellence together.

Innovative solutions for your  precast concrete factory


3D Molds for residential units: innovation that speeds up the process

One of our star products at Moldtech is the line of hydraulic 3D  molds for rooms in residential buildings. These molds allow the production of the whole precast concrete parts consisting of 4 walls and ceiling with shutterings for  doors and windows, as well as the incorporation of embedded elements, which significantly speeds up the construction process. 

Thanks to the precision and versatility of these molds, the creation of prefabricated rooms is much more efficient and flexible.

Tilting  tables, the key to accuracy Precast concrete factory

As for residential area , at Moldtech we offer tilting  tables for enclosure panels and partition walls . These tables are essential for any precast concrete factory due to its versatility in use. and accuracy in the production process. . 

Maximum efficiency with our battery molds 

In the area of supplies, we offer a  vertical battery mold designed for high productivity of precast concrete panels in a small space. The vertical battery mold allows manufacturing concrete panels with the desired dimensions and with a specific finish on both sides of the precast concrete panels.

Casting beds and molds for prestressed.

Another outstanding product in the arsenal of our catalog is the universal casting bed used as a base for the production of any prestressed element. Casting beds consist of a supporting structure with several drill holes to fix the baseplates and fasten the mold sides.

In addition to these products, at Moldtech we stand out for our commitment to deliver the most customized solutions based on your project needs. As a company we understand the importance of efficient and high quality construction, and our product catalog is a testament to this commitment.

If you are looking for a precast concrete factory with state-of-the-art equipment solutions for your construction projects, Moldtech is the answer. We guarantee that your projects will be executed more efficiently and successfully using any of our products. 

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