Moldtech just finished commissioning, in Aurangabad district, India, a MT20 mould for making dry cast box culverts which will be used for a variety of purposes such as electric cable ducts, storm water box drains and box culverts.

The mould, which was recently delivered, is totally modular. That means it can produce precast box culverts in a total of 11 different sizes ranging from 1,8 (span) x 1,5 meters (height) up to 3 (span) x 3 meters (height). All with a length of 2 meters.

The MT20 system allows to produce vibro-pressed culverts obtaining a productivity of 25 culverts in 2 work shifts.

This speed of production is especially important in infrastructure projects where the deadlines are tight and where it is necessary to have a great number of culverts in a relatively short time.

The project is the one of the new industrial townships on the Japanese funded Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), at Shendra in Maharashtra State. The main contractor for this project is the prestigious firm, Shapoorji Pallonji Company Private Limited (SPCPL). Moldtech MT20 was selected after a careful selection process. It was chosen as the most flexible and versatile precast systems for box culverts. SPCPL prescribed its use to its subcontractor, in this case Creative Infra and Construction.

Our innovative MT20 system is a result a of years of research and development after a thorough study of the market for precast box culverts. Most production facilities consist of big machinery systems which require deep foundation works for its installation in a pit and endless amounts of moulds for each culvert size to meet the demand.

It does not require any civil works foundations, allows manufacturing next to construction site and it can be moved and quickly installed in different factories in a record time.

This innovative system was first introduced in 2008 and since then, has been installed in countries such as Chile, India, Spain, France or Poland. Along these years we have continued developing enhancements, improving its performance and updating the machine with modern hydraulic and vibration systems and with increasingly robust materials to offer a machine with the highest performance.

The machine is built with high strength steel and all its connecting modular parts are made with the most modern CNC machining equipment to ensure the highest precision to meet very strict tolerances in all its many configurations of sizes and available thicknesses.


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