Recently Moldtech obtained another order from a company located in the north of Spain with very specific requirements.

The first item requested was a transport wagon with up to 24 tons capacity which the customer requires in order to solve the problem of transporting and stacking of finished panels leaving its production line.

The next items consisted of a self-stressing casting bed with 600 tons capacity where the client can manufacture up to three units of beams of 30 meters length. The width of beams can be adapted by changing the base plates while the mould sides are fixed against the bed by mechanical locks. The mould sides produce height adjustable “I” beams and the length of the beams can be regulated with the use of transversal stoppers. This part of the supply is completed with a cable-pulling device which is commanded by radio control, a winder and a hydraulic de-tensioning unit.

One of the more special items in this contract consists of a laser projection equipment. The laser projects in 2D the shuttering to be positioned on the tables thereby minimizing production errors. This laser system, thanks to its longitudinal movement on rails, covers the two lines of tilting tables of 75 meters. The software, which feeds the laser, allows to store in advance the different shuttering configurations on the tables and can be programmed from a portable computer at remote. Moreover, the software allows to program a wide variety of shuttering configurations and to change them on the spot adding flexibility to the operations.

Lastly Moldtech supplied a concrete distributor with a capacity of 3 cubic meters and featuring 9 hydraulic discharge gates which can be opened or closed by line operator in accordance to his specific needs. This distributor is also equipped with an electric-pneumatic system for longitudinal movement and different track changes as well as a concrete spreader and an oscillating beam to smoothen the concrete surface. All systems can be commanded from a fixed control board on a central platform or from the sides of the concrete distributor while it is moving on the rails.


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