Our client located in the north of Romania is building their own industrial precast plant from scratch with Moldtech equipment.

  • Pit foundation pre-stressing system for bridge girder casting. It features universal casting bed of 125 meters length and 1200 mm width. Stressing heads system with the capacity up to 1500 tons. Modular side moulds for “I” beams with a maximum length of 40 meters and variable height from 1800 mm to 2100 mm. Included a pneumatic vibration system.
  • Mould sides for Delta beams production of maximum 30 meters.
  • Self-supporting battery mould for prestressed joist beams for roofs. Total length 25 meters. Two production lines. Prestressing capacity 400 tons.
  • Tilting table 12 x 3.5 meters to produce panels for building enclosure. Includes electric vibration system.
  • Hydraulic mould for columns up to 32 meters in length. Variable section columns from 0.60 m to 1.2 m. A single working line. Hydraulic opening/closing system.
  • Giraffe vehicle for transportation and pouring of concrete, hopper capacity 4 m3.

The equipment installed and commissioned by Moldtech is used to build industrial and commercial precast buildings such as shopping canters, parking lots, etc. In addition, the client may participate in infrastructure and civil works projects.


Mesa basculante
Fabricacion de viga puente
Viga puente prefabricada
Central hidraulica
Viga delta prefabricada
Molde viga Delta
Sistema de pretensado con cimentacion
Laterales para producir las vigas Delta
Laterales para producir las vigas Delta
Sistema de pretensado autoportante
Mesa fija autoportante para producir las vigas T


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