Moldtech was selected in 2017 by a leading precast manufacturer in Singapore for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of several hydraulic moulds for the production of 3D prefabricated bathroom units (PBU).

The construction market of Singapore is characterized by lack of space and at the same time the obligations to meet the highest quality and efficiency requirements. These are drivers nowadays which increase the demand for prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction: so-called “PPVC”.
The production and construction system with 3D moulds implies casting monolithic elements comprising of the walls and the floor slab obtaining elements with great structural resistance. The other advantages are a dramatic increase in construction productivity and a substantial reduction of on-site installation.

The order, recently delivered, consists of four moulds for PBU of different dimensions, each in accordance to the different projects of the client.
These moulds have been designed and built according to strict quality and precision standards. The exterior mould walls are hydraulically activated and an innovative system designed by Moldtech allows automatically collapsing the inner pod by hydraulic cylinders activated by a hydraulic pump. This allows demoulding elements with straight walls in an easy and fast operation.

Together with the PBU moulds, Moldtech has also supplied two turning devices to turn the elements 180º from its casting position upside-down to have the elements in the correct position for its final installation. These automatic turning devices, with a total capacity of 40Tn, can turn swiftly and safely 3D elements with great dimensions.

The combination of sturdiness of the equipment, technical know-how and the selection of the best quality materials has allowed Moldtech to provide efficient and long lasting technological equipment solutions for precast manufacturers, installed and tested by Moldtech technicians worldwide.


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