Versatile single mould

Indicated for the production of columns of different sections and lengths, with corbels in any position of any side.


As the name suggests, the main feature of versatile mould for columns is the large range of configurability, since it enables to cast columns of different sections and lengths, with corbels in any position of any side, with sections of different height and width, etc. Moreover, a good part or the most of operations to configure the mould can be performed hydraulically, as well as the opening and closing operations.

The baseplate rest on the hydraulic platform, which enables adjustment of the section in height. Meanwhile, the base can be replaced for another with different width.

On the other hand, in the panels and the baseplate, formworks corbels can be inserted at several position. At the same time, such positions can be moved along the mould, what allows maximum freedom when it comes to positioning the corbels in the precast column. In addition to the height adjustment of the base, the opening of the mould is also done hydraulically through a set of synchronized hydraulic cylinders.

All these performances make this mould to be ideal for the production of precast concrete columns with a large variability of configurations in sizes and corbels.

Like others, this mould can be supplied with the required length, depending on the needs of the precaster.

This mould can also count on a set of external vibrators that are integrated into the structure of the sides. These vibrators can be electric or pneumatic and enable the use of concrete with less water, to accelerate the setting of cement at the time that eliminates air bubbles. That improves the surface finish of the piece and increases their mechanical capacity.

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