Moldtech provides a comprehensive service to its customers that includes the installation and commissioning of the equipment it supplies. To do this, it has a team of multidisciplinary assemblers that performs the necessary tasks to install the equipment and work with the customer during the start-up and manufacturing of the first units when required.

Our team of assemblers brings together different capacities in fields such as the purely mechanical assembly of the molds or hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical installations that are necessary for the proper operation of machinery.

Moldtech assembly equipment travels to our customers’ premises once the goods are received and when the installation requires it, the equipment travels accompanied by a portable workshop equipped with the necessary means to carry out the activities of the assembly autonomously.

Over the years the assembly team has accumulated experience working in customer facilities on four continents and developing all kinds of tasks from the assembly of small installations to carousels or complete factories.

The joint work of Moldtech’s logistics department as well as the team of assemblers allows us to deploy in any place in the world a highly specialized equipment customized to the needs of our customers. The ability to deliver a custom-made product wherever it is required is undoubtedly one of Moldtech’s hallmarks.


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