The company is a 70-year-old producer of precast concrete in Dokka (Norway) that stands out for its quality and innovative focus. All their products are custom made for each project, requiring a high degree of flexibility in our production.

Dokka is very cold place, so the curing process takes a little longer in the winter. This increases the chance of damage when the precast panel is lifted horizontally, and also required to manually hide the lifting gear marks on the panel surface.

In order to industrialize their production and to counter these problems, OBAS decided to look for a tilting table and selected Moldtech as their supplier.

The tilting table commissioned by Moldtech has dimensions of 16×4.5 m (52.4×14.7 ft), automatic vibration and a heating system. It has also a set of frames with magnetic fixation for wood formwork and 3 sides adjustable in height.

The tilting mechanism consists of hydraulic telescopic cylinders that are activated by an electric control unit which can either command one or more tables, again in accordance to the client requirements. It allows an easy removal of the panels in vertical position after curing of the concrete.

In the other side, the vibration system removes air to compact the concrete, and increases its mechanical strength after curing. Furthermore, vibration allows using concrete with less moisture and accelerating the curing process, in order to increase productivity at the same time.

Finally, the heating system consists of hot water pipes located under the table and covered by isolation canvas, thereby accelerating the curing process and that also increasing productivity.

OBAS is now using this tilting table to full satisfaction as it helps to industrialize their custom-made production.

Working with leadings companies like Opplandske Betongindustri increases our prestige and encourages us to continue with our aim to become a worldwide reference in the precast concrete sector.


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