Last February, Moldtech completed the installation of a carrousel plant for B.G. Shirke in Navi Mumbai. As per June 2018 Moldtech has commissioned a second carrousel line for the production of hollow core columns, this time in Naarela near New Delhi.

This project is similar to the previous one although it incorporates certain improvements with the objective of optimizing the line and reducing the time of production cycle. This time the line moves a total of 60 pallets with an average of 3 elements per pallet obtaining a production of 180 columns per day.

This sophisticated production line consists of several areas or stations. In the first area the pallets are cleaned after which the reinforcement is put in place as well as the front and back shutters. The next step is to move the pallet on a side shifter so it can enter the pouring and vibration station. At this station the side shutters are lowered after which the concrete is poured while activating the vibrators. Before its transfer to the stockyard a screeding device smoothens the upper surface of the product. The installation comprises of 2 lines which use zero slump concrete allowing for immediate de-moulding of the product.

The line forms part of the existing factory infrastructure which also includes 1.8 km of beam moulds supplied by Moldtech in 2013 and which as today continues to produce at full capacity.

The production of this factory is used for a government program for social housing which objective is to eradicate the existence of slums. The use of moulds for precast concrete elements allows the Indian government to construct a large quantity of houses in a relatively short time. The Narela factory builds 15,000 apartments per year.

Moldtech nowadays is in full expansion, executing projects for moulds for precast concrete elements all over the world. The commitment and company policy of Moldtech have the objective that the company becomes one of the leading names in equipment for precast concrete plants.


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